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Intimate™ Booty Lifter Shape Your Rear And Accentuate An Hourglass Figure

Intimate ™ Booty Lifters are shapewear undergarments specially made to lift and firm your buttocks.

As we grow old our skin tends to lose the natural elasticity and we lose essential muscle tone.


Intimate ™ Booty Lifters help the body maintain its natural shape and helps the muscles and skin to keep its strength.


They enhance the buttocks and make you feel confident about your look.

Intimate ™ Booty Lifters are often considered as a bra for the rear as they hold and lift your butt to create a seamless shape the same way the bra lifts your bust to create a desirable cleavage.

Many women wonder if booty lifters really work. In the following before and after photos, the difference between wearing and not wearing booty lifters is evident.

  • The effects of Intimate ™ Booty Lifters are outstanding. They provide a simple and instant butt lift as compared to alternatives such as drugs, plastic surgery, diet and exercise by simply putting on the specially made undergarment.
  • Besides, this type of shapewear is surprisingly comfortable. Thus, it is not strange that many women have turned to wear them daily.
  • This shapewear provides a natural look since most of them don’t contain foam or silicone cups that tend to astray due to constant movement during the day.
  • Not everyone is endowed in all areas and let us face it that having some curves can help attract that special someone in your life.
  • Let’s not get superficial here, but sometimes it is empowering to be able to turn some heads once in a while.
  • Finally, if you really appreciate a nice shaping booty when you look in the mirror you may want to consider getting an Intimate ™ Booty Lifters because they work and it shows.

Targeted SkinFuse compression, hips, and thighs condensed while your rear is naturally shaped and enlarged with its open-rear design.
Its wide waistband fits comfortably, stays in place and nicely defines your waistline.

*Recommended to size up 1 or 2 sizes, these tend to run small and tight! Size up only 1 size if you’re on the thinner side

Size Guide:

Please measure your waist; Please use our Size Chart located in left images.

Small (US SIZE 2-4)-Fit Waist 22-24inch;

Medium (US SIZE 4-6)-Fit Waist 24-26inch;

Large (US SIZE 6-8)-Fit Waist 26-28inch;

X-Large (US SIZE 8-10)-Fit Waist 28-30inch;

XX-Large (US SIZE 10-12)-Fit Waist 30-32inch;

XXX-Large (US SIZE 12-14)-Fit Waist 32-34inch

Different Booty Types


  • Instantly give you the curves you have always wanted
  • Give you the perfect shape for the butt
  • Flattening and smoothing your tummy pooch
  • Breathable and comfortable

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