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Have you ever wanted to own the most popular Devil Fruits of One Piece? 
Now you can with our 16 Set Bundle. 

Each Devil Fruit (DF) comes with a complimentary stone base to showcase your devil fruits side by side.  All DF's are made with 100% authentic real resin, and with an LED light inside. Yes, the fruits glow!  Creating an enchanting effect to each fruit through its illuminating light. 

Please treat all DF's with care and do not drop them. They are made with resin glass and are very fragile. All DF come shipped with extra sealed packaging to ensure safe delivery. 

Devil Fruit List (All 16 included with your order): 

  • Luffy : Gomu Gomu No Mi / Gum-Gum Fruit
  • Ace / Sabo: Mera Mera No Mi / Flame-Flame Fruit
  • Law : Ope Ope No Mi / Op-Op Fruit
  • Blackbeard : Yami Yami No Mi / Dark-Dark Fruit
  • Whitebeard : Gura Gura No Mi / Tremor-Tremor Fruit
  • Doflamingo : Ito Ito No Mi / String String Fruit
  • Admiral Kizaru : Pika Pika No Mi / Glint-Glint Fruit
  • Enel : Goro Goro No Mi / Rumble-Rumble Fruit 
  • Nico Robin : Hana Hana No Mi / Flower-Flower Fruit
  • Sengoku : Hito Hito No Mi / Human-Human, Model: Buddha Fruit
  • Tony Tony Chopper : Hito Hito No Mi / Human-Human Fruit
  • Douglas Bullet : Gasha Gasha No Mi / Clank-Clank Fruit
  • Smoker : Moku Moku No Mi / Smoke-Smoke Fruit
  • Buggy : Bara Bara No Mi / Chop-Chop Fruit
  • Gecko Moria : Kage Kage No Mi / Shadow-Shadow Fruit
  • BONUS - Patrick Redfield : Batto Batto No Mi / Bat Bat Fruit (Only appears in video game - One Piece: Unlimited World Red) 

All Devil Fruits include an LED light inside (best in a dark room). 

Also, 16 stone bases for each DF are included. Showcase your DF like a One Piece Devil Fruit Museum :) A pirates dream! 


Material: PU + Resin + Crystal + LED light

DF are made using Resin and crystal.  All stone bases are made using PU. 

Size: 1:1 Scale. Size ranges from 10-13cm

Availability: 100 Sets Available. Please limit to 1 per customer as it keeps it fair for all that wish to participate in the promotional offer. 

Interested In A Custom Order? 

A One-Piece Collectible masterpiece for all fans!  For all custom Devil Fruit inquiries that are not included in our set, please email 

Do note - all custom Devil Fruit inquiries are handcrafted and built from sketches to your liking.  All fruits are available, please specify the name. We will include build time, pricing, and all details in our email reply.

Limited Quantity 🎁 It's a perfect gift for your friends & family!

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